Unlocking the Secrets of Nutrition: 10 Expert Tips That Will Transform Your Lifestyle

A plumber can unclog a toilet faster and cleaner than I ever could. A stylist understands that cinching a flowing dress with a belt is more aesthetically pleasing than letting it billow (the silhouette I adore). And don’t even get me started on organizing the pantry.

The point is: experts possess an intrinsic knowledge that might seem basic to them but can feel like a life-changing revelation for those of us who don’t live in their world every day.

Here are 10 simple pieces of advice from nutrition experts that benefit everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences or enthusiasm for exercise.

1. Addition, Not Subtraction

How many times have you read or told yourself to cut out sugar, reduce carbs, quit alcohol? Probably more often than you’d like to admit. Instead of focusing on restrictions, try this: prepare a snack you love, and when the craving hits, indulge in it. Be conscious that you’re embracing abundance rather than limitations.

2. Your Body is a Regulator, Not a Calculator

Despite Silicon Valley’s efforts, your body doesn’t operate like your smartphone. It doesn’t tally up the calories when you eat avocado toast. Focus on whole foods that provide easily understandable and consistent information for your body’s metabolic functions.

3. 80/20: A Good Rule of Thumb

Don’t deny yourself Reese’s peanut butter cups, prosecco, or a delicious pizza. Set your mindset to eat healthy, whole foods 80% of the time and enjoy the remaining 20%.

4. Rituals and Routines are Your Best Friends

If you have almost the same breakfast every day and your lunch is a variation, that’s great. The more you automate your meals, the less mental energy and time you spend on making choices. Automated eating reduces food worries.

5. 15 Minutes of Planning Saves Money and Sanity

Spend 15 minutes planning your weekly meals, check your pantry, and assess what’s in the fridge. It beats a third trip down the frozen food aisle mid-week.

6. Drink Water Before Coffee

Your body wakes up dehydrated. Before you kickstart your brain with coffee, hydrate with a large glass of water. Add a slice of lemon for an extra boost to your digestive juices.

7. Protein Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Protein acts like the tether to a hot air balloon, preventing it from skyrocketing. Beyond building muscles, protein minimizes cravings, anger, and stress-based eating.

8. Favorite Food Categories: Roots, Fruits, and Beans

These fiber-rich categories stabilize blood sugar and contribute to a balanced diet. Embrace sweet potatoes, beets, seasonal fruits, lentils, and beans regularly.

9. Three Other Favorites: Sleep + Sunlight + Exercise

Your body needs more than just nutrition. Start with prioritizing sleep, a brisk outdoor walk for vitamin D, and regular exercise to anchor your body and mind.

10. Hormones are Your Superpower

While we often think about hormones during PMS or menopause, they regulate every metabolic function in the body. Connect with your body daily, understand how it feels, and pay attention to subtle signals on your body’s dashboard.

By tracking these elements daily, you’ll gain a better understanding of your superpowers: energy, emotions, cravings, and cognitive clarity. Over a few weeks, patterns will emerge, and functional medicine practitioners or nutritionists can help you decode them for a healthier you!

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