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  • Navigating the Discourse on Discipline: A Guide for Warrior Parents

    Parents, gather around, because the time has come to delve into the hot topic that slides into our DMs every day. You might want to sit down for this one. At the very least, brace yourselves. It’s time to talk about that “d” word. Yes: Discipline. Discipline is a tricky subject. Everyone has their own […]
  • Navigating Parenting: Striking the Right Balance Between Control and Autonomy

    When parents hear that their children need them to take charge at home, but an authoritative parenting style might be harmful, they often find themselves in a perplexing situation. Parents may feel torn between the advice that control is beneficial and the realization that an authoritarian parenting approach could be detrimental to their children. How […]
  • The Adverse Effects of Corporal Punishment on Children

    There is near-consensus in the scientific community that corporal punishment has negative effects on children, sparking interest in educating parents about its potential harms. Attempts to reduce parents’ use of corporal punishment, often referred to as spanking, through online education, may only succeed when directly addressing parental beliefs. Our conclusions stem from an experiment we […]
  • Preparing Children for Pediatric Visits: A Guide for Parents

    August is National Health Month, presenting a perfect opportunity to consider how to help children prepare for visits to the pediatrician. It’s safe to say that a trip to the pediatrician rarely ranks high on children’s wish lists. Whether it’s a routine checkup or due to illness, pediatric visits often involve shots, examinations, or other […]
  • Simplify Parenting with These Five Positive Parenting Hacks

    Positive parenting is a method that builds on mutual respect, treating your child like a human being with feelings, the ability to reason and make decisions. Positive parenting means saying goodbye to “because I told you so” and instead modeling good communication skills. positive parenting is based on the idea that by showing our children […]