Make cute DIY cheesecloth Ghosts for Halloween.

It is a super easy project to do for Halloween with kids and adults alike! All ages. This cheesecloth ghosts crafts is so cool!

These fabric ghosts can be made with glue and water. For the ghosts, you’ll need balloons of some sort and black felt for their faces.

Elmer’s glue or Mod-Podge will both work.

Make cute ghosts out of cheesecloth:

  • Inflate a variety of balloons (from large to small ghosts). Use items from around the house to make ghosts. You can also use items around your home to create ghosts.
  • In a large bowl, mix equal amounts of warm water with glue.
  • Then, drape the cheesecloth over the balloons.
  • Let them dry for a few days. You can then pop them and peel off the fabric, or you can remove it from the form you have used.
  • To make the faces, I used felt in black and white. But paper will work too!

To make larger ghosts, I used all sorts of bowls and bottles from my kitchen. For this project, I used a stack of mixing bowls.

To ensure that it drapes down the bottom, I placed two layers of cheesecloth on top.

Use mason jars, or Styrofoam in various sizes. The glue can be removed from plastic and metal by washing with soapy warm water.

You can use gloves to help with this messy step.

The bottom of the cheesecloth was left a little loose for the bigger ones so that I wouldn’t have to saturate it.

Then I draped them over the “forms”, and let them dry overnight.

They will dry faster if your fabric is thinner. You can manipulate the fabric easily if it sticks a little.

This is a great project to do with the children. These adorable flowing ghosts can be made for a very low cost. The result is even more spooky when you leave the bottom loose.

The differences between them are what makes the images look realistic. 😉

They become more haunting when you add an LED underneath.

These are too cute! They are just too cute!

It worked well. There are a lot of recipes, but this one is easy and simple. It would also be cool to combine them with glowing-in-the dark glue.

This is how they look made with a smaller object, like a small balloon.

The LED votives or tealights are something I cannot live without. These are my favorites because they only need to be turned on once, and then stay lit for 6 hours.

The timer will do it all for you.

This cute Halloween craft is a great way to get kids involved.

Click on the image above to save this project.

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