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  • 8 Strategies to Stay Active Even When You’re Out of Sync with Exercise

    Feeling too exhausted, whining about the chill in the air, complaining about the distance to the gym, or being too snug on your home couch – these are all familiar excuses we’ve all probably given when we’re simply not in the mood to exercise. “Lack of motivation or simply not being in the mood for […]
  • Wild Diet Rapid Fat Loss Plan

    The Wild Diet is not designed for crash dieting. Its purpose is to change your relationship with food, regulate metabolism for fat burning, and make you look and feel good for a lifetime. However, there are instances when people aim to quickly shed a significant amount of fat. Take my friend, Chaz Branham, for example. […]
  • Celebrating Baby’s First Christmas: Initiating 12 Meaningful Traditions

    The arrival of a baby reshapes the essence of Christmas, marking a transition from being a child reveler to the orchestrator of enchantment for a new life. This shift in perspective ushers in the desire to craft enduring traditions that add splendor to the season without overwhelming the celebratory spirit. Here are twelve meaningful traditions […]
  • Five Things Healthy Families Do

    I have a new family. It’s impossible to eat healthy and exercise! Does this sound familiar to you? It’s a common excuse for new parents. However, it’s worrisome. You may change their lives, but they will not. It is not healthy to raise children in an environment where video games, TV and poor nutrition are […]
  • Gardening Tips for November

    The month of November in California is my favorite. After a good rain, the fragrances are fresh and earthy and have hints of spices and healthy soil. As I look down, the leaves fall, the wind sways even huge tree branches and (hopefully) sheets of rain. Wash off the dust of a whole year. Even […]
  • The 19 most important tips for backpacking Cuba(2)

    The 19 most important tips for backpacking Cuba(1) 10. Don’t miss Vinales! Havana, the capital, is often at the center of many Cuban trips. But if you only visit one place in Cuba, it should be Vinales. It is a five-hour drive to this town, located in the tobacco region of Cuba. The valleys are […]
  • The 19 most important tips for backpacking Cuba(1)

    A country of contrasts. Cuba is a country that reminds me of contrasts constantly. This may sound like a travel writing cliché, but I cannot avoid using it. Cuba is a country with beautiful beaches with white sand, colonial cities, verandas with columns, tobacco fields with knobbly mountains, as well as a friendly population. Cuba, […]
  • How to Save on Last-minute Summer Travel

    It’s that time of year again – summer vacation season! As tempting as it is to put off planning that dream tropical getaway or making reservations for your family road trip until the last minute, costs can quickly spiral out of control if you wait too long. Don’t let the crunch of finding time for […]