How to Decorate Your RV or Tiny Space For the Holidays.

No matter if you live in an RV or tiny house, there is always space to decorate for the holiday season. Even the smallest spaces can be made festive for the holiday season with cozy blankets, decorative pillows, twinkling light and a Christmas Tree (or any other main symbol of your religion). The problem with holiday décor is that it can be difficult to store. The storage space inside an RV can be the most important real estate!

The following are some ideas for decorating your RV to make it look HOLLY JOLLY! You can either donate or store these items with your other holiday decorations in the storage bin when you are done decorating for the holidays.


This is a simple way to add some holiday cheer to your space if you have an existing set of throw pillows on your couch, bed or bench. Replace old pillow covers for holiday-themed ones. The pillow covers can be folded flat to save space and store them. Amazon has a wide variety of options that will fit any decor. Here are the pillows I purchased:

  • Red With Christmasy Lettering
  • Ivory Velvet with Pom Poms

Add a Feast Blanket

A splash of color can transform a space. The blanket can be used to match any theme and is functional. This red blanket is cozy and not “Christmasy”, so it can be used as a couch throw through to Valentine’s Day. My blanket is from Target but I love the one on Amazon.


My obsession is cute garland. These are not only inexpensive but can also be easily stored and have a huge impact. Target, Hobby Lobby TJMaxx and Amazon all have Christmas banners and garland. You can use garland to decorate windows, shelves and cabinets (hanging it from a curtain rod), and the top of slides. You can find styles and options to fit any theme or decor. Here are some garland strands that I have used to decorate:

  • Red Pom Pom Garland
  • Natural Wood Bead Garland
  • Red Bead Garland
  • Lighted Garland


By simply replacing one or two kitchen towels with holiday towels, the kitchen will feel more festive. It’s a great way to tie in your holiday theme or add some festive colors. My Merry Tex-Mas towel was purchased at a local shop, but I love the one on Amazon.


I love the warmth of twinkling Christmas lights in a dark, quiet room. Lighted Garland Fairy lights and even These pretty starburst light from Target can make any space feel magical.


All sizes of Christmas wreaths are available and they’re inexpensive. Simple wreaths can bring a little Christmas cheer to a small area, whether it’s on the front door of your home or inside a door. A simple wreath in green can be hung all year round and accessories added to it for different holidays (pumpkin/leaves/berries, for example) The red berry wreath on Amazon is a great way to add color.


It’s true that hanging stockings in a room gives it a Christmasy feel. It’s not necessary to use a mantel or fireplace that is fancy. My personalized Christmas stockings were one thing I couldn’t part with when we moved from our house to the RV. Since we don’t own a fireplace in our RV I hung the stockings on our curtain rod using closet hooks. This lighted garland is a great way to frame the area! You can be creative about where you place the stockings – on top of a fireplace, on shelves, with command hooks, or even on curtain rods like we did!


Lowes has a 2.5′ tabletop tree! This picture is last year, before we started our renovation.

Can you believe it? There are real live trees available that would be perfect for RVs or small spaces. Lowes and Home Depot both sell “tabletop” real Christmas trees 2.5′ that come complete with stand and water basin! They are perfect for RVers, as they have the wonderful scent of a Christmas tree without having to store a tree. Our tree is decorated with ornaments that we collect from our travels. Use your tree for firewood after Christmas!

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