Elevate Your Fall Decor: Creative Ways to Use Baskets

My baskets began to multiply and become like loaves of bread and fishes. They could stretch the entire length of Texas if I lined them end-to-end.

They’re great for decorating. I have added flowers to them, stuffed books inside them, filled them up with towels, placed them on cabinets or bookshelves, and draped throws over their sides.

We all know that fall is the best time for a basket.

A basket makes everything look so cute.

Pumpkins are a favorite.

This is a great idea for storing all your baskets. You can also use them to decorate the house in 9 different ways.

How to Decorate with Baskets

1. Replace a wreath with a basket

Let’s start with an idea I recently shared.

Mainly because I am so in love with it.


This basket is a good example. Every day I pass this door. Every day, I show this basket just how much I love it.

The basket was hung on an old door nail that has been in place since the advent of stirrup trousers. You could also use a duck taped ribbon on top of the front door, looped over the handle.

Fill the basket up with leaves and branches or these DIY wood slices stems.

2. Fill with PUMPKINS

How I decorated my home for fall.

You know me better than this. I would like to say that I am super organized and have a plan. But you already knew that. You may have read my blog for a while and thought that I make things up on the fly.

You would be correct.

Decorate for the fall season by unpacking totes. Let the pumpkins guide you. When I finish, they know exactly where to put them. Always, there are pumpkins leftover. Place a basket in a corner of a coffee or side table. Add all the pumpkins that are left over.

Easiest fall basket decorating tip ever.

3. Fill with Grass

The baskets will need some stuff.

They need flowers sometimes. They need flowers sometimes. Sometimes they need flowers. Even extra grasses, branches or leaves from your yard will look lovely in the middle of the basket. Please act as if you are surprised. I do not overthink my arrangement. They are thrown in, twisted a bit and left to decorate themselves.

What if I bring in a branch from my yard? Make sure there are no acorns on it.

You do not want to see this happen.

4. Fill with a stack of books

What if you own a large metal basket that is loosely woven? You could also use a loosely-woven wicker or metal basket.

It’s so fun to add a book stack.

After I remove the books from my shelves to make room for fall decorations and pumpkins, I always have extra books.

Add a pumpkin to the top of my stack.

5. Fill with Dried HYDRANGEA

These apple baskets were found at a garage sale.

These baskets are ideal for fall decor.

What’s the best thing? They were $12.50, I believe.

They’ve been used in many different ways. Here, I’ve turned them over so that the dried hydrangea is facing out. You could add wheat, grasses and pumpkins.

6. Hang on the wall with a wreath

What if you had a flat long basket?

Add a wreath and hang it horizontally.

You could wrap ribbon around the handle of this basket and hang it on a hook.

7. Fill a BASKET with stems and a SIGN

The basket decoration was an accident.

This is a large part of my autumn decorating. The basket was already there, and the stems were also. The stems were all of different lengths. I stuffed the basket full. The basket was sufficient. The amount was adequate.

It was bothering me even after I had left it for two days.

Judge Judy was a genius. The wood sign was on a bookcase, so I put it in the display.

Instant centerpiece.


What if you own a basket that is tall and skinny like this one?

To create this topiary, stack two pumpkins.

Fill the basket with small pumpkins, wrap ribbons around the outside or stack blankets underneath the pumpkins.

9. Add a THROW to a BASKET

What about throws, then?

This one is a bit Captain Obvious.

Throw a blanket in a basket for a fall decoration. This is the easiest and quickest way to make a space feel cozy.

This is a cute idea if you have to store your baskets.

This is a great way to display baskets in plain view.

You’ve probably tried this before.

The idea came to me ( as most great ideas do ) after I saw a photo of inspiration in a magazine. The photo was of a bunch vintage baskets hanging on an old coat rack. It was so beautiful that I wanted to replicate the look with my craft room baskets.

It was a challenge because I did not have a rack for my coats.

No worries.

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