PsychicOz : Fortune-Telling or Fortune-Wasting?

PsychicOz, with over 30 years of experience, stands as a prominent platform for psychic consultations. What sets it apart is the rare option to connect with experts through video, adding a unique dimension. Yet, the sensitivity and emotionality of psychic consultations highlight the importance of finding the right advisor.

Having rigorously tested the site, I can confidently affirm that PsychicOz is a reliable choice for psychic readings. The platform boasts a diverse roster of highly-talented psychics, covering a wide range of niches. This ensures that users can easily connect with a psychic who offers unique insights.

These aspects contribute to a more enriching and meaningful psychic reading experience on PsychicOz. For those curious, this review aims to provide all the necessary information for making an informed choice.

PsychicOz Main Features

  • Diverse Psychic Niches: PsychicOz covers various topics, allowing users to find a reading theme aligned with their needs.
  • Multiple Delivery Methods: The platform offers readings through different methods, ensuring users can choose what makes them comfortable.
  • Talented and Experienced Psychics: PsychicOz features advisors specializing in astrology, numerology, tarot card reading, and general psychic abilities.
  • Generous Introductory Offer: Newcomers can explore PsychicOz with introductory offers, providing a cost-effective way to experience psychic readings.
  • Extensive Customer Support: PsychicOz’s customer service offers comprehensive support through FAQs, web ticketing, and live chat.

Types of Readings on PsychicOz

  • Love & Relationship: Access 100+ love and relationship psychics for guidance on matters of the heart.
  • Career Forecasts: Benefit from 80+ career forecast psychics for insights into professional life.
  • Life Path: Over 100 life path psychics offer guidance on life’s journey.
  • Money Readings: Consult 80+ experts to identify limiting beliefs affecting financial success.

Other Reading Categories Include:

  • Past life readings
  • Deceased loved one readings
  • Missing person readings
  • Pet readings
  • ……

Is PsychicOz Trustworthy? Yes

With extensive experience, I assert that PsychicOz is a trustworthy source for psychic readings. Operating since 1989, the platform employs a rigorous screening process, ensuring the authenticity of its psychics. A commitment to privacy protection and a satisfaction guarantee further establish PsychicOz’s credibility.

Top Psychics on PsychicOz

Luke (Best for Career Readings)

A psychic with over 20 years of experience, specializing in career guidance.

Serenity (Best for Love & Relationship Readings)

An 8th-generation psychic with 25+ years of experience, known for compassionate love readings.

Samara (Best for Life Path Readings)

Experienced in compassionate yet direct life path readings.

Ginnie (Best for Money Readings):

Specializes in navigating finances and offers guidance on budgeting and debt management.

Tula (Best for Past Life Readings):

Provides insights into past lives and their impact on the present.

How to Book a Reading

1. Create an account on PsychicOz’s homepage.

2.Browse psychics by price, rating, or niches.

3.Choose a psychic, view their profile, and select your preferred reading method.

4.Make payment for the chosen offer.


PsychicOz adopts a standardized pricing system, with psychics charging a minimum of $2.99/minute for phone, live chat, or video readings. Email readings cost $9.99 per email. Newcomers can explore introductory packages ranging from $4.99 to $14.99, offering discounted rates and 3 free minutes for the first reading.

Customer Support

PsychicOz provides support through live chat, web ticketing, helpline, and a detailed FAQ section. The customer service team operates in English and responds promptly to queries.

FAQs on PsychicOz

How does PsychicOz work?

Similar to other psychic sites, users create an account, choose a psychic, and book a reading. A standardized pricing system and thorough psychic screening contribute to a reliable experience.

Can I get an accurate reading on PsychicOz?

PsychicOz focuses on top-quality psychics through rigorous screening, enhancing the chances of accurate readings.

What makes PsychicOz unique?

PsychicOz stands out with video and email consultations, providing immersive experiences. Features like “Customer Favorites”, “Staff Picks”, and “Rising Stars” emphasize advisor quality.

Is There a Mobile App? No:

No. While PsychicOz lacks a mobile app, its efficient mobile website replicates all desktop features. It ensures uninterrupted exploration of psychic profiles and incorporates intuitive filtering for easy advisor selection.

Bottom Line

PsychicOz emerges as a reputable platform, offering easy access to reliable and versatile advisors. Despite areas for improvement, its well-designed website, strict verification process, and satisfaction guarantee make it a dependable choice. The special introductory offer and discounted rates enhance the appeal for users seeking meaningful psychic readings.

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